‘The Need Is So Great’:Tsitsi Masiyiwa On New Gender Fund

IN MARCH, AFRICAN PHILANTHROPIST AND SOCIAL entrepreneur, Tsitsi Masiyiwa, and other world philanthropists came together to raise $1 billion to advance gender equality and women’s leadership. The organization, Co-Impact, launched The Gender Fund to bring significant resources into a grossly underfunded space and address “gendered systems” – the underlying norms, laws, practices, sanctions, and decision-making […]

Stewarding Wealth

In a world where celebrity appears to be the highest calling, where everyone wants to be a leader or an owner, management is often seen as a second-rate calling. For so many years I felt the same way, focusing my attention on the things that are prized by the world. Stewardship, however, the critically important […]

African Philanthropy Forum: New Board Member Announcement

Nyimpini Mabunda has been appointed as a Board Member of African Philanthropy Forum with effect from 21 March. Nyimpini Mabunda is the CEO for Southern Africa at General Electric. He has 25+ years background leading major consumer goods, food franchise, and telecoms businesses across Africa and the United Kingdom. Prior to joining GE, he fulfilled […]

International Women’s Day: Meet 8 Inspiring African Women Shaping the Future of Africa by Aletheia Development Centre

Drawn from the fields of Government, Humanitarian Affairs, advocacy, and public policy, these women are distinguished trail-blazers and history makers In celebrating International Women’s Day this year, Aletheia Development Centre, a public policy and agenda setting think-tank highlight 8 inspiring women from Africa who are breaking barriers and inspiring generations of future female leaders from […]

Opportunities at African Philanthropy Forum

Given our commitment to creating an enabling environment for the transformation of the culture of giving on the continent, we are expanding our personnel capacity across Africa; hence, the need to fill the following roles: Head of Membership Program Manager The application deadline is Friday, February 11, 2022. Please help us spread the word widely.

The Role of African Philanthropy in Responding to Covid-19

A new report from Dalberg Advisors and the African Philanthropy Forum sheds light on how philanthropy in Africa is changing in response to Covid-19 and what steps are needed to drive a more effective response.  Philanthropists focused on Africa have stepped up their support for the people and communities most impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic […]

Disparities in Funding for African NGOs

Friendship Bench, a mental health services provider in Zimbabwe, could bring community health workers to more African countries if it were able to overcome funding disparities from philanthropic sources. (Photo: Constantine Juta) Through our work together, APF and Bridgespan have sought to better understand the nuances within the African philanthropic ecosystem, surface the barriers facing […]

Islam & Philanthropy

It is widely-known that every religion has philanthropic components to it, and Islam is no exception. Islamic injunctions make the act of charity obligatory for its believers. Amidst how deep-rooted philanthropy is within the Islamic faith, it is even more important to advocate for strategic and sustainable giving by Muslims to philanthropic causes.  The third […]