100 Civil Society Leaders: Celebrating nonprofit leaders inspiring the sector and country with their success stories.

Civil society organisations play an important role in the country’s socio-economic life contributing largely to both democracy and development. These organisations are founded and led by individuals with passion for change in a world full of challenges. In honour of such individuals, the Nigeria Network of NGOs with support from Google.org created a platform “100 CSO Leaders” to identify, celebrate and recognise nonprofit leaders who have been game changers within civil society. The recipient of this recognition belongs to different thematic categories like human rights, digital rights, disability and inclusion, good governance, environment, academia, youth development, gender, extractives, civic space, and agriculture to mention a few.

To recognise these leaders. a call for application was conducted, and several entities were assessed following rigorous sourcing, nomination, referencing and shortlisting process from an initial list of hundreds of civil society leaders drawn up based on responses to our call, recommendations from organisations and senior sector leaders.

Amidst global and national onslaught of constant contestations, growing infringement on rights, shrinking civic space, conflicting deadlines and schedules, limited access to financial resources, break-neck speed of policies, laws, and regulations, identifying and celebrating these leaders that are using their influence, ideas, example, talent and discoveries to shape our country and world is long overdue.

“It is a privilege to have been associated with the work that led to the identification of these great sector leaders. Learning about their exemplary performance and reading all of their individual profiles have truly enriched me. It is good to see firsthand how these individuals have contributed to civil society’s growth and along the journey inspired others” Oyebisi, B. Oluseyi, Executive Director, Nigeria Network of NGOs said.

The list of recipients can be found at https://100.nnngo.org/leaders/ ***

This prestigious list (populated on an ongoing basis) celebrates hard work, innovation, achievements and proves how these leaders have pushed boundaries and continuously sought ways to better society. This recognition will play a very important role in growing and inspiring more sector leaders including motivating those recognised to do more for communities they serve.

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