How to Give: The Relationship between Donor and Donee

Philanthropists may have very clear ideas about the societal issues they wish to address and often they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to bear. However, it helps to also remember that a community-based organisation or a non-profit organisation is more likely to be closer to the communities, its development issues and […]

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Philanthropic Journey

A critical question to consider is who defines the real problem?  Should one’s giving be based on an area that a philanthropist is passionate about?  Or is the problem important because there are several requests that a philanthropist receives for support in one given area?  While both passion and perceived demand are good indicators of […]

Motivation For Giving: The Story of Unlikely Philanthropists

Asking yourself why you are getting involved in philanthropy is a necessary first step in understanding your motivations. For some, philanthropy is largely inspired by a sense of being able to right a wrong that was experienced or witnessed. Or, it might be driven by a particular conviction behind solving a specific social problem. For […]

4 Benefits of Organized Giving

The Benefits of Organized Giving Explained by Her Royal Highness Queen Sylvia, the Nnaabagereka of Buganda at the 2017 APF Annual Conference There are several benefits to organized giving.  The first benefit goes back to the interconnectedness that the Ubuntu philosophy espouses – the notion of community, caring and connection. In a world where formalized organized […]