12 Core Approaches To Effective Philanthropy

Style or approach to philanthropy There are many different ways to be a philanthropist and the style or approach to philanthropy is a very individual one.  In recent years, the study and practice of philanthropy has grown rapidly and there is now a great deal of literature, and supporting professionals, which deal with various options. […]

Structuring Your Giving: 5 Things You Need To Know

There are many different options available to the philanthropist in terms of the vehicle or structure used for giving and the choice made will depend on a number of considerations. However, the key thing is to get proper tax and legal advice so that the tax obligations are clear and there is a shared understanding […]

Budgeting: Make The Most Of Your Charitable Giving  

How a philanthropist decides on the amount to give through one of the options identified above would involve a number of considerations.  At the heart of it lies the individual’s values; ultimately the philanthropists’ budget depends on the amount available and what the philanthropist thinks is an appropriate amount to give, and the answer to […]

The Grant-making Process: What you need to know!

Making an individual grant to an organisation or charitable cause can be as simple or as complicated as the philanthropist desires. The philanthropists’ approach to philanthropy and the principles of giving that she wants to adopt (as discussed above) will influence the process of grant-making greatly. The process described below is for what could arguably […]

What you should consider when creating an endowment

An endowment is seen as a powerful way to ensure long-term survival and sustainability of a non for profit organization ensuring a continuous, guaranteed source of income. An endowment is essentially a separate investment fund where only a portion of the earnings or interest from the invested capital is used to fund the non for […]

How to maximize your impact through raising additional philanthropic resources?

When Warren Buffet pledged to donate 83% of his wealth to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2006, one could argue that the Gates’s had just pulled off perhaps the greatest fundraising ask in history. Yet there is little in the way of support for philanthropists, who wish to do the same and leverage […]

Meet The Philanthropist:  General T.Y Danjuma, Founder, T.Y Danjuma Foundation

  General TY Danjuma had a long and distinguished career in the Nigerian Army where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant General and served as Chief of Army Staff. Following his retirement from the army, General Danjuma embarked on a business career and founded many Nigerian companies including the NAL-Comet Group, one of the […]

Meet The Philanthropist:  Janade du Plessis, Founder Abrazo Capital

Janade du Plessis is an investment banker and social entrepreneur.  Janade began his career at Standard Bank and then Goldman Sachs, and went on to work at Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) and the African Development Bank. He is the founder of Abrazo Capital, a social impact investment company, which he established to invest in small […]

Differences between operating foundations and non-operating (grant-making foundations)

Are you creating an operating foundation, purely grant making, or a mix of both? Are you donating to new or existing organizations? Essentially, the question here is – who will you support? In Africa, most philanthropists tend to set up operating foundations. There are organizations that they create, fund, and execute their own programmes. Unfortunately, […]