Conference Speakers

Isabelle Masozera

Founder, Masozera Africa

Isabelle Masozera

Ms. Isabelle Lydia Masozera is founder and CEO of MYL  Holdings, a Public Relations Firm that has worked with, advised  and handled national, international, government and private  institutions in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Isabelle has over 15  years of regional experience in communications, public relations  and journalism. 

Due to her personal journey and the stories she previously covered  and listened to on her weekly shows both on Radio and TV  including; “Prime Time Live” on Rwanda TV and “The Bridge  Rw” on Royal FM, Afrigadgets on M-Net, she nurtured a blazing  passion for holistic wellness and women empowerment. Against  that backdrop, Isabelle founded Masozera Africa ( https:// ), a community of empowered African women  championing a holistic approach to wellness. 

Today, when she is not helping organizations and event planners  strategically navigate key conversations as a MC/Moderator,  Isabelle spends her time leveraging her role as a Newscaster at  Rwanda Broadcasting Agency to influence narratives that foster  positive change.