Conference Speakers

Atti Worku

co-CEO, African Visionary Fund

Atti Worku

Atti is a leader and advocate with over 10 years of experience as a nonprofit CEO. Throughout her career, Atti experienced the biased and unjust challenges of raising philanthropic dollars in the U.S. for a community-centered African organization. As the AVFund’s Africa-based co-CEO, she is focused on supporting the personal and organizational growth of African visionaries and their innovative impact ideas.

Prior to joining the AVFund, Atti founded and led Seeds of Africa, a nonprofit developing the educational foundation for the next generation of Ethiopia’s leaders. Seeds grew from a small afterschool program to a full time school that provides free education, healthcare, school supplies and meals to over 300 students from Pre-K – 8th. In addition, Seeds operates a livelihoods program that provides training and access to micro loans to over 150 women in the community.

As an advocate for racial justice Atti writes and speaks about power dynamics and racial injustice in philanthropy. Atti was Miss Ethiopia in 2005, and graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Sustainable Development from Columbia University.